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All about Netties Bees

 Nettie's Bees is a locally owned small business nestled in the rural town of Rochester, MA.  The beekeeper in charge is Nerija Kupryte-Hopkins, better known as Nettie.  Nettie was born in Lithuania, a small Baltic country bordering Russia, Poland, and the Baltic Sea.  As a child, and under the supervision of her father, Nettie learned the art and science of beekeeping.  It wasn't until years later, married with two children, that she planted her feet in Rochester.   Assisting a local cranberry grower, Nettie's skills with bees resurfaced.   One beehive became two, and two became four, etc.  Now, Nettie is firmly involved in the local cranberry industry, providing pollination to local cranberry growers.  In addition, packages of bees (nucs) are available to aspiring beekeepers.  Harvesting honey has blossomed into an inventory of natural by-products,  such as candles, lip balms, creams, elderberry syrup, tinctures, pollen, and other holistic applications.  The products are displayed in the now famous "honey house" at her home.  In addition, many of her products are found in local retailers from Fall River to Plympton, and down the Cape to Sandwich and Orleans.  Nettie and her husband Tom also participate in many local farmer's markets throughout the year.  Stop by the Honey House, check out the 'Bee Bed',  enjoy the wildflower garden, or just say hello to the Queen Bee!!  

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